Finding Purpose After 50

How to REIMAGINE, RESTART and RECLAIM your life to fulfill your purpose and your biggest dreams STILL in 2024...

** DATE:  Dec 26th - 30th

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Finding Purpose After 50 Masterclass

Day 1: RECLAIM Your Power

Benefits you will discover:

  • The E + R = O formula so you take ownership of your life and destiny.
  • ​How to take back your power by never being an “I can’t” person again.
  • ​How to control your circumstances so you can be a dominant and decisive achiever to get more stuff done

Day 2: RECALIBRATE Your Mindset 

You will discover:

  • How to never see yourself as a failure again even if you’ve failed in the past.
  • ​ How to turn self-limiting thoughts that sabotage you into empowering beliefs that serve you and increase the chances of your biggest dreams coming to life.
  • ​ How to grow your self-image and create an abundance consciousness by letting go of negative self-talk and self-rejection.

Day 3: REIMAGINE Your Vision

You will discover:

  • How to rediscover the lost art of God-inspired dreaming.
  • ​The six little known questions you must answer “yes” in order to confirm your dream is God sent.
  • ​How to create your own dynamic purpose statement and what to do with it thereafter to increase your chances of doing heroic, legendary, and genius work in the world.

Day 4: REFOCUS Your Heart 

You will discover:

  •  The truth about how God created the world and wealth distribution …it’s not what you think
  • ​ The art of goal creation and the huge role it plays in the attainment of your God-given dreams.
  • ​ How to identify your one breakthrough goal and the positive impact of achieving it.

Day 5: RESTART Your Life 

You will discover:

  • ​How to turn the language of faith, “calling those things that are not as though they were”, into a goal-achieving declaration and affirmation.
  • ​How “acting as if” will bring you into divine alignment with your goal.
  • ​How to identify your “Dream Team” to accelerate goal achievement.

Day 6 Special VIP ONLY Bonus Session
The Biblical Call To Mastery - How to become so good that the marketplace can’t ignore you

You will discover:

  • ​The difference between what you’re called to do and what you’re purposed to do
  • ​What the Bible says is absolutely essential to fulfilling your purpose, achieving your dreams, and being compensated handsomely for your gifts.
  • ​How to go from “I suck” to “I’m a master of my craft”.

Frederick Guions is a former professional football player and award-winning wealth management advisor for two major Wall Street firms. He is a sought-after speaker and trainer, goal achievement strategist, success mentor, and internationally celebrated author. 

He is also a recognized member of the prestigious John Maxwell Team and his work has been featured on Fox, CBS, and NBC.

Frederick is from Philadelphia, Pa. where he currently resides. He holds a degree (BS) from Lancaster Bible College in Bible with a concentration in Leadership Studies. He later went on to attain an advanced degree (MA) from Regent University where he studied Human Services Counseling. 

He is also the proud recipient of an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, recognized for his service and contributions to better the human race.
Frederick says his greatest accomplishments are at home where he has been married 12 years to his most beautiful, very best friend and is also the proud father of 3 amazing young ladies.

Frederick believes that success and personal fulfillment are the direct result of discovering and living your purpose, maximizing your rich potential, serving your developed gifts and talents for the betterment of humanity, and creating the world you want to live in by adopting and conforming to a goal standard.



How to REIMAGINE, RESTART and RECLAIM your life to fulfill your purpose and your biggest dreams STILL

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